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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 卑礼厚币 — bēilǐ hòubì [courteous approach and generous gifts] 谦恭的礼节, 丰厚的财礼。 表示聘请贤士或待人时极其恭敬 惠王数败于军旅, 卑礼厚币, 以招贤者。 《史记·魏世家》 每见新官到任, 后任同前任因银钱交代, 虽不免彼此龃龉; 而后任账房同前任账房, 却要卑礼厚币, 柔气低声, 以为事事叨教地步。 清·李宝嘉《官场现形记》 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 悖理 — bèilǐ [paralogism; contrary to reason] 违反逻辑规则或公式的推理 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 背理 — bèilǐ [solecistic] 与常理背道而驰 背理寸步难行 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 背离 — bèilí (1) [deviate from]∶脱离原来的、 通常的、 正常的或公认的轨道 明显地背离了传统道路 (2) [depart from]∶偏离常规、 常轨、 习惯等 由于形势所迫, 不得不背离自己的逻辑原则 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 被里 — bèilǐ [the underneath side of a quilt] 被子贴身盖的一面 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • bailie — [ beɪli] noun (plural bailies) chiefly historical a municipal officer and magistrate in Scotland. Origin ME (orig. used interchangeably with bailiff): from OFr. bailli …   English new terms dictionary

  • baile funk — /beɪli ˈfʌŋk/ (say baylee fungk) noun a style of dance music, fast with hard edged vocals, originating in Brazil and with lyrics characterised by the ethos of the favelas or slums of Rio de Janeiro. Also, baile funk carioca. {Portuguese baile… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Bailey — /ˈbeɪli/ (say baylee) noun 1. Bert (Albert Edward Bailey), 1868–1953, Australian actor, born in NZ. 2. Judy, Australian jazz pianist and composer …   Australian English dictionary

  • bailey — /ˈbeɪli/ (say baylee) noun (plural baileys) (formerly) the wall of defence about the outer court of a feudal castle, or the outer court itself (still used in some proper names, as in the Old Bailey, London). {Middle English baily; variant of… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Bailey bridge — /beɪli ˈbrɪdʒ/ (say baylee brij) noun a bridge of prefabricated steel units, used especially in military operations. {named after Sir Donald Bailey, 1901–85, its English inventor} …   Australian English dictionary

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